Wow, you've found my portfolio! Welcome!
Here you can find all the albums and EPs I've
made or contributed to in some way. Enjoy!

As Is Our Children Learning (co-writing, production, performance):

As Big Soda (all writing, production, performance):

As Surfer Dave (production, co-writing):

As co-producer/executive producer:

As mixer/engineer:

As a musician (in addition to Big Soda/Surfer Dave albums):

Eat the World - Uh Oh! (2020) - [bassist, vocalist, co-writer]

Big Soda and Zack Sanders - Soda De Beber (2019) - [vocalist]

Eat the World - What We Did Over Summer Vacation (2017) - [bassist, vocalist, co-writer]

As mastering engineer only:

Aaron Rizzo - Blck Tee Shrt (2017)

Izeth - Demo (2016)

As a featured producer (produced 1 or more tracks, but not the whole album):

King Sis - KAH (2022) [track 1, "Mantra"]

Qamp - Qamp Vol. 1 (2022) [co-produced tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5]

Somni Presents: Up Too Early vol. 2 (2021) [track 7, "Fly"]

...And there's plenty more to come! Most of what is here
can be found on every streaming service. Stay tuned!